Furnace Repair or Replacement? Which Do You Need?


Many people use their furnaces as soon as the unpredictable fall weather begins. Whether or not you’re one of them, it’s best to prepare your heating units for the chilly season before winters arrive.

Non-operative heating systems can turn icy winter days into an uncomfortable crisis. Checking for signs of wear and tear or diminished performance can tell if it’s time for repair work—or maybe even a complete furnace replacement.

Since each situation is different, expert HVAC services Cleveland providers can guide you about whether you need furnace repairs or replacement. Call now!

Factors that Impact Furnace Repair and Replacement Decisions

#1- Carbon Monoxide Emissions

Furnaces with cracked combustion chambers can cause carbon monoxide leakage, requiring immediate replacement before the exposure affects your staff or family members. The silent killer is tasteless, odorless, and colorless.

While hard to detect, it can lead to severe health concerns and even death when inhaled for longer periods. If you notice excess moisture on walls, windows, and other surfaces, rusted pipes, or yellow burner flames instead of blue, it may be a sign to get your furnace inspected by a professional.

Symptoms like disorientation, nausea, headaches, and disorientation also mean you should evacuate the home immediately and notify relevant authorities. Then contact a heating professional to get the heating system replaced.

#2- Age

The average lifespan of furnaces is approximately 15 to 20 years. Furnaces older than 10 years often start failing more frequently. But this varies by furnace quality, brand, and many other factors. In general, heating systems show increased signs of wear, requiring more frequent and costly repairs. Instead of continually getting it repaired, replacing the unit with a newer, more efficient one might be more economical.

woman calculating changes in energy bills   

#3- Spike in Energy Bills

If your usage hasn’t changed, but energy bills have increased, it may signal that your heating system’s efficiency is going down. The furnace might be trying to create the same amount of heat by working twice as hard. Consulting the experts is a great way to find out whether simple repairs or furnace replacements will solve the problem.

#4- Uneven Heating

If the furnace feels less powerful than it did in the past winter, the system may be deteriorating, especially if the household routine or temperatures have remained unchanged. Heating systems eventually struggle to distribute heat evenly, which is another sign that the furnace is losing its effectiveness.

Contact Statewide Heating Air Conditioning & Refrigeration for your Furnace Repair and Replacement Needs

Finding an expert HVAC service provider is the key to preventing costly repairs. Whether your furnace needs repair or replacement, Statewide Heating Air Conditioning & Refrigeration offers services to residential and commercial clients in many areas, including Cleveland, Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Midwest City, and Del City.

Our experts can help determine what repairs are needed to keep the heating system working its best throughout winter. We offer a range of HVAC, heating, and Air conditioning services Cleveland to address people’s concerns and help them live comfortably. If you want furnace repair or replacement, contact us for more information.

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