3 Tips For Checking A HVAC System When Buying A House


Buying a house is the ultimate goal—waking up with your partner, pets running around the backyard, and children playing in the living room. But there are a few things you need to consider before making this huge purchase.

Buying a home requires extensive financial planning, time, and effort. House hunting involves a lot of details, and if your ideal house is chosen, there are still many things to do before finalizing it. You’ll need to check everything from the air conditioning, electrical appliances, and roofing to hiring HVAC services to see if your HVAC systems are in optimum condition.

Checking the quality and efficiency of the HVAC system should be high on your pre-purchase checklist because it is sometimes overlooked. Before buying a new house, keep these HVAC-related factors in mind.

The HVAC System’s Age

A crucial matter to clear up when looking at homes for sale is the age of the HVAC system. Older systems may begin to degrade in just a decade, whereas newer versions have lifespans of twenty years or more. Assessing the system’s age will help you predict how long it will last and help you budget for the future cost of a replacement.

Even though an outdated system may not cause much trouble, being aware of it can help you negotiate the estimated amount to account for future replacements. If you need help figuring it out, our HVAC services are just a call away!

A HVAC repair kit

History Of Repairs

One thing you should be allowed to do is ask for the history of HVAC maintenance. This gives the buyer a view into what things have been done to the HVAC, and frequent maintenance visits can also be a warning sign.

Annual inspections are necessary to keep HVAC systems in good working order. These additional documents can give you more information about the system’s condition. Our HVAC services in Norman will help you understand why some repairs are required for the better functioning of the HVAC system.

Examine The Ductwork

Along with checking the HVAC system, you should ensure the ductwork in the entire house is in excellent condition. Check the ductwork for any leaks, weak fittings, or condensation issues. If they appear very dusty, the owner hasn’t performed their part of the regular maintenance. You need to call HVAC services and get your system checked.

The previous owner might’ve used dehumidifiers and air purifiers to combat the issue. However, if the indoor air quality is bad, you’ll have to spend money on duct cleaning and HVAC upgrades after buying the house to increase ventilation.

With so much to do before buying a house, why not let the professionals help with what they do best? With our help, you’ll be able to get your dream house and no nasty surprises.

Statewide Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration LLC has your back! We offer all kinds of services. This includes ice machine repair, heating services, commercial and residential air conditioning, and HVAC services in Norman, Midwest City, Oklahoma City, Moore, and Del City. If you are experiencing any problem with your HVAC system, call us now.

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