5 Most Common HVAC Problems


Your HVAC system is an important part of your home that fulfills your heating and cooling needs. Over time, this system can run into problems that may affect your comfort and sometimes even health. Knowing the potential issues and their causes and solutions can offer you peace of mind, and you’ll know when to call an HVAC service professional.

Here are some common HVAC problems you must know about.

Reduced Efficiency

If you feel that your HVAC system isn’t keeping up with your heating or cooling needs, it could be because of its reduced efficiency. An inefficient system will stop your heater or air conditioner from maintaining a comfortable temperature, forcing it to consume more energy than usual. Some major reasons behind inefficiency are dirty and clogged air filters, vents, ducts, condensers, or grills. Make sure you maintain them properly with the help of an HVAC service company.

Ignition Problems

Ignition problems include pilot outage, furnace lockout, delayed burner ignition, or short cycling. If your HVAC system is experiencing any of these problems, it could be due to a dirty burner, pilot, or flame sensor. Sometimes, it can also be due to wear and tear of components like thermocouples or surface ignitors, or just a simple gas supply issue.

The only way to detect the exact problem is by calling in a professional for an inspection. Make sure you don’t troubleshoot these issues yourself because you might expose yourself to dangerous chemicals or electrical hazards.

Thermostat Problems

A thermostat is an important part of your HVAC system; it interacts with both the user and the overall system to ensure optimal performance. However, when a thermostat is malfunctioning or not set properly, you may experience uncomfortable or uneven temperatures in your home. Installing a programmable or smart thermostat will not only increase its efficiency but also helps you reduce your energy consumption and utility bills.

Wear and Tear

An HVAC system consists of many mechanical parts that undergo wear and tear with time and constant operation. These worn and broken parts can negatively affect the performance of your heating or air conditioning system and cause issues like inadequate airflow, overheating, unusual furnace sounds, or poor performance. With regular maintenance, you can increase these mechanical parts’ lifespan and replace them whenever necessary to avoid further issues.

Water Leakage

Air conditioners produce a liquid called condensate, which passes through drain pipes, causing plenty of moisture inside your HVAC system. When your drain starts to clog or is affected for other reasons, it causes water leakage. The leaks inside your system can come from evaporator drain, heat exchanger, or collector box leading to major issues like structural and electrical damage or mold.

You can avoid this issue by applying water sealant solution to small cracks and cleaning the filters and drain pipes. If the problem is severe, our HVAC service provider can help you.

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