6 Tips to Prepare Your AC For Heavy Usage


Although it doesn’t take much to prepare your air conditioning systems for heavy usage, ignoring these steps can lead to many problems you don’t want. These include uneven cooling, increased electricity bills, water leaks, or the AC not working. If you want to avoid these issues altogether, follow these tips.

Replace the Air Filters

Air filters in your AC accumulate dirt and debris over time, affecting its performance and air quality. If you have reusable air filters, cleaning them won’t fully eliminate all the bacteria and dirt from them. It’s best to replace them with disposable air filters that are much safer and more convenient. They don’t need cleaning; you just need to replace them every three to six months, depending on their efficiency rating. Did you know that replacing a dirty filter can lower your energy consumption by 5–15%?

Increase the Shade in Your Room

Exposure to sunlight increases the temperature of your room, and your AC will need to produce more air, increasing the energy consumption. Add sunlight-blocking curtains or blackout shades to your room to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day, no matter how intensely the sun is shining.

Leave Some Space Near The Indoor and Outdoor Units

Air conditioning systems need adequate space in their surroundings to release air and send it across the room efficiently. If any furniture or other items are blocking the air conditioner, it will consume more energy to keep the room cool. The same goes for the outdoor units; you need to ensure that the outdoor AC unit doesn’t have trees, bushes, or anything else disrupting its functionality.

Air conditioner condenser unit placed outside the window

Seal the Room

Windows and doors have spaces and gaps that leak the cool air outside, putting a strain on your AC. When air conditioners constantly put more pressure to keep the room cool, they overheat the unit, resulting in frequent repairs or replacements. Make sure you seal the room properly to maintain a comfortable temperature and reduce energy wastage. This can be done with proper insulation, installing energy-efficient windows, and caulking as needed.

Only Use it When You Need it

Most people leave their air conditioners on even when they’re not present to keep the room chilled when they return. This wastes energy and overworks the system, decreasing its lifespan. When you properly insulate your room and close all the windows and doors when leaving, the room will maintain a cool temperature even without a running AC.

Regular Maintenance

During peak summer months, air conditioners perform more than usual, requiring more maintenance. If you don’t perform regular maintenance, the mechanical parts will be affected, eventually causing the whole system to break down. You shouldn’t wait for the signs of damage or any HVAC problems before scheduling maintenance; get it done every 3–5 months to ensure its optimal performance.

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