3 Main Culprits of High Energy Bills During Summer


Sweltering summers, and all you want to do is turn on the air conditioning. But wait, is that what’s making your energy bills soar? Is it your thermostat or the constant usage of your pool? There could be several variables or a mixture of several reasons.

Statewide Heating Air Conditioning & Refrigeration LLC helps residents of Oklahoma City save money and figure out what’s causing their energy bills to skyrocket. Examine the previous year’s bills to see the typical energy bill for your house in the same months.

You can easily compare and see where the price surge is happening. You can also get help from various online sources like the U.S Energy Information panel to contrast their figures with your bills. Here are some reasons why your energy bill could be increasing.

Air Conditioning Usage

The yearly power consumption of a home is significantly influenced by air conditioning usage. It represents 16 percent of the nation’s home users’ total energy consumption. It is possible that your heating system and other large equipment might be powered by electricity. You won’t notice a significant increase in your power bill if your house uses water and gas heating. But the change will be noticed when you switch on the AC in the summer.

The Efficiency of Air Conditioners

Additionally, some ACs use their energy more inefficiently than others, raising the electric bill. Additionally, these chilling machines are prone to degrading over time, particularly if neglected. An ineffective AC can cause your excessive summer utility expenses, which also seem to keep rising year after year.

An AC uses so much energy that replacing your old inefficient one with a new well-functioning unit can influence your attempts to reduce your summer electricity prices. Getting a new unit ensures that your house will cool in less time. You will not only be able to feel the difference in functionality but also see the reduction in your energy bill.

Other Factors That Can Raise Energy Costs

We are aware that our houses are cooled by ACs and they do so by eliminating hot air. Our regular tasks increase the temperature in our houses in various ways. This means our ACs will take longer to cool a space down.

From washing clothes with warm water to leaving unnecessary light bulbs switched on at all hours of the day—these actions increase the energy cost as well. Try to perform such activities later in the day when the weather is cooler.

If you’re having trouble with your AC, then opt for Statewide Heating Air Conditioning& Refrigeration LLC‘s HVAC services in Norman. We offer refrigeration services, ice machine repair, air conditioning services, and heating services both residentially and commercially. Get in touch!

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