Which AC Is Right For My Home?


It’s a no-brainer how important air conditioning systems are in our lives. However, selecting the appropriate size AC unit for your bedroom or the entire house is easier said than done.

While it may seem like getting the most expensive piece of equipment is a safe bet, getting an air conditioner that’s too big can set you back just as much as getting one too small for your needs. If your AC is too large, it may cause your system to turn on and off frequently, reducing its power to remove humidity from the air. This, in turn, raises your utility bills causing hot and cold spots in the house.

Here are a few things that can help you decide what kind of AC is right for your home.

Determining Your Needs

Firstly, you must decide what kind of AC unit is suitable for your room or home. Whether it’s residential or commercial air conditioning units, there are three distinct types you can choose from:

  • Portal AC unit: As the name suggests, you can move the unit from one place to another. So, whatever room of your house needs cooling, you can take it there. It’s also the least expensive option.
  • Central AC unit: This is the most common option and covers your entire home with a single system. That means cold air in every room at the same time. However, they are costlier to install particularly if you’re trying to integrate them into an already-built property.
  • Window AC unit: Their installations are simpler, but they only work in one space and need a nearby window for the fan motor.

Secondly, there are several different AC brands you have to choose from. Research extensively before you decide to buy an AC unit. Read reviews and compare costs to get a great deal. Finally, once you’ve decided on a unit, make sure it’s installed by reputable air conditioning services. Inadequate installation might result in inefficient cooling and higher energy expenditures. If properly installed and maintained, the AC will provide comfort for years.

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Determine How Much Space You Want To Cover

Before calculating how many air conditioning BTUs you require, you must first calculate your square footage. According to Energy Star, you’ll require about 20-30 BTUs for every square foot of cooling capacity. For example, it takes 7,000 BTUs to cool a room of 250-300 square feet.

Also, if the area is shaded, you’ll require 10% less cooling capacity, and vice versa if the area gets too sunny. Other elements that may influence BTUs requirements are the amount of insulation, the number of windows, and the height of your ceilings.

Select Appropriate Features

After you’ve chosen the size and kind of residential air conditioning system you require, it’s time to consider features. Here are a few you can look for:

  • A smart thermostat allows you to regulate the temp whether you’re in the house or not.
  • A timer enables you to program the AC unit to switch on and off at certain periods.
  • A sleep setting gently decreases the temperature throughout the night so you don’t wake up to a burst of frigid air.

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