Air Cleaners 101—A Beginner’s Guide


Air quality, both indoors and outdoors, is becoming an increasing source of worry. Air pollution levels within buildings can be up to five times higher than those outside as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States. Unfortunately, many airborne contaminants linger indoors as air circulation is typically lower in buildings.

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Indoor air pollution can increase the risk of respiratory infections and asthma attacks; but with the help of an air cleaner, you can breathe in cleaner air. High-quality air cleaners can remove many different contaminants from the air in our homes.

How Does It Work?

A fan is included in most air purifier models, and it is used to pull air into the device. Pollutants and contaminants in the air are removed as fresh air is drawn in through a filter. After going through the filter, the air is let into the room once again.

While it’s true that no air cleaner can remove everything from the air, the filter it uses can significantly reduce the number of irritants and other particles floating in the air. Particles like dust, pollen, and even certain mold spores can be captured by the HEPA filters found in several air purifiers.

Where Should They Be Placed?

Think about where you’d use the device the most and put it there. Some models are made specifically for tabletop use, while others are more suited to being placed on the floor. In either case, be sure there are no obstacles to the airflow. Air cleaners should be placed away from any obstacles, such as heavy drapes. If the air cleaner is creating an irritating breeze, try placing the air outlet away from you.

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Benefits Of Air Cleaners

The best approaches to enhance the quality of air within a building are to lessen or eliminate pollution sources and to introduce fresh, clean air from outside through ventilation systems. Improving indoor air quality is possible through the use of a mobile air cleaner and by replacing the air filters in the HVAC system.

A multifunction air cleaner, often called an air sanitizer or air purifier, is a device used to purify the atmosphere in a small room or enclosed space. Filters installed in a central heating and cooling system are intended to filter the air in the entire house. That’s why reducing indoor air pollution is possible with the use of portable air cleaners as well as HVAC filters.

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