3 Types Of Furnaces That You Should Know About & How They Work


When the temperature decreases, you can count on your furnace to keep you nice and toasty. However, there are several choices available when it comes to replacing your old furnace. There are a couple of distinct furnace options available for use during the colder months. These heating options are widely adopted due to their great efficiency, long lifespans, and noiseless operation.

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They have also recently seen a surge in popularity due to the development of even more economical and environmentally friendly options. You’ll need to do some quick research to figure out which furnace is the best for your house, as there are pros and cons to each. On that note, let’s take a look at different kinds of furnaces and their functioning.

1. Gas Furnace

It’s safe to assume that natural gas furnaces have been around the longest and are the most widely used option. Their primary fuel source is natural gas. These heaters have a long service life, which reduces the cost of repairs. Under ideal conditions, its lifespan can reach 25 years.

Your natural gas furnace saves money on heating costs since it runs on the least expensive fossil fuel. Furthermore, when burned, it produces a great deal of heat, thus only a small quantity is required to adequately warm a home.

2. Oil Furnace

An oil furnace is a type of furnace that is fueled by oil, as the name would imply. Users of oil-burning furnaces must maintain a supply of oil and a convenient location to access it. If the oil tank is empty, the furnace won’t turn on.

This furnace is relatively low-maintenance, but its high operating costs are due to the accumulation of dirt and soot. Nonetheless, compared to gas furnaces, these units are more cost effective and last for 30 years longer. Even though today’s oil furnaces have to have an AFUE value of 80% to 90%, they are not eco-friendly.

3. Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces are popular since they can function without a gas connection. Electric furnaces are more expensive to run than their gas and oil counterparts. However, there are several reasons why these are better for people and the planet. It’s a more economical and effective alternative as well.

Typically, it comprises a cabinet housing a blower motor including a heating coil connected to the outside. The thermostat sends a signal for heat, and an electric current is delivered across the coils, which causes them to get very hot.

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