How To Maintain Your Heating System?


The health of your heater and heating system depends on your attention to routine maintenance. You should not neglect routine maintenance because doing so could result in a costly repair. You can ensure the health of your heating system with regular inspections and some basic know-how. There is no requirement for expertise in handling routine matters.

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The cost of a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system can easily be around $10,000 or even more. You can avoid that dent in your bank account through preventative measures such as frequent inspections and some basic maintenance. On that note, let’s take a look at some heating system maintenance tips so you can keep it in good shape.

1. Don’t Overuse It

Keeping a heating system in good functioning order can be achieved by lowering the amount of heating it must provide. See if any of the windows or doors are letting in unwanted air from the outside. You should minimize the amount of hot or cold air leaking into the home. The more leaks there are, the harder the heater has to work. The heating system will be overworked as a result of this.

Due to the increased stress on your system, its lifespan will decrease and major issues will become more common. You can prevent heat loss by sealing the door casings and window ledges with foam strips.

2. Monitor Your Thermostat

If you want to make sure everything is running smoothly, check your thermostat. It’s a simple approach to keep your heater in good working order. Raise the temperature by a few degrees twice annually, during spring and fall. If you listen closely, you will hear the furnace firing up. Turn the heat on in the furnace and let it burn for a bit. Your system is functional if it keeps working.

However, something might be wrong if the furnace turns off after just a few minutes of use. When inspecting your thermostat, you should also ensure it is adjusted properly. Set it to the appropriate temperature setting, either cool or warm. If you have your thermostat set up properly, you can cut your energy costs and improve your comfort.

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3. Clean Its Filters Regularly

Regularly inspect the filters to ensure they are working properly. This maintenance procedure for the heater is easy and efficient. The air filter should be checked once each month and you should get new ones every three months.

Changing these filters regularly enhances indoor air quality. As a bonus, it improves the effectiveness of your heating system. Last but not least, if you keep your air filters maintained, you can avoid more significant problems with your furnace.

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