How Do You Clean An Ice Machine?


Ice machines are used in bars, hotels, offices, restaurants, and other commercial places. Although an ice dispenser is a vital piece of kitchen equipment, not many restaurants clean them on time. They either wait too long when the equipment is about to give up or buy a new ice maker and never look back at it again.

We’re here to change that. Whether you’re in Midwest City or Del City and need your ice dispenser cleaned, Statewide Heating Air Conditioning & Refrigeration LLC is here to help. This blog will explain how you can clean this important piece of equipment while ensuring your customer’s safety.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Of An Ice Machine

Ice machines’ maintenance needs vary depending on the manufacturer; however, most machines follow the same basic pattern. Always check your device’s manual for the proper process. Here are some general cleaning steps for most ice dispensers.

Carefully Take Out Ice From The Equipment

Any existing ice in the machine needs to be removed before you start any cleaning. You can do this using one of the two approaches:

  • You can turn off the machine by switching off the power button. This way, the ice melts inside the machine.
  • You can turn the machine off at the end of the harvest cycle after the ice has fallen. Don’t stop it in between a cycle.

Detach Any Internal Parts

Remove any internal parts from your ice maker before starting the cleaning process. Read your device’s guidebook for correct and safe removal. Proceed to the following step when all components have been extracted.

Select The “Clean” or “Wash” Option

When you press this button, water travels toward the drain while passing the water dump valve. The water trough takes about a minute to fill up, and the display shows when chemicals should be added.

a person holding up a detergent

Make The Cleaning Solution

Combine your washing solution mixture with lukewarm water. Check the equipment’s manual for an adequate quantity of solution. A common water-to-cleaner combination is mixing 16 oz. of cleaner with 1 gallon of water. You may have to add more cleaning based on the mineral accumulation.

Add The Cleaner

Use the required dose of ice machine cleanser according to the handbook. You wouldn’t want to go overboard with any cleaner since it might include chemicals that could corrode the equipment.

Let The Complete Cycle Finish

Generally, the cleaning process takes at least twenty minutes. When it’s finished, turn off the ice machine. It’s also vital to turn off the dispenser’s electricity if possible.

Clean Removed Parts

Add a diluted version of the cleaner mixture to wash every piece you’ve detached. When the solution comes into contact with lime, it starts to foam. When the foaming has stopped, and you have removed it with water, carefully clean the components with a clean cloth. Ensure that all areas are thoroughly rinsed with clean water. This will aid in the removal of chemicals, preventing ice contamination.

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