Is Your AC Consuming Too Much Energy?


Your air conditioner is essential for maintaining a healthy and pleasant environment in your house. While the equipment generally requires energy to work, excessive energy use may indicate a problem.

If you live in the Oklahoma City region, we’re sure you’re used to high energy bills from using your air conditioner. If you’ve seen your energy bills skyrocket from the previous month, then it’s time for you to hire air conditioning services to look at the main issue and get it resolved.

The following are some possible causes of high AC energy bills.

Clogged AC Filters

AC filters remove dust, debris, and tiny particles from the air, allowing clean air to enter your home. Dust is bound to accumulate if they’re not cleaned regularly and properly. They might become so filthy that ventilation through your ductwork is restricted.

Due to the reduced airflow, the AC will take a long time to cool your house. Higher run times can result in higher energy bills due to overheated motors and compressors. You can opt for reusable filters that are easy to clean and change every month. Not only does filter servicing keep your unit running well, but it also keeps your utility expenditures low.

Duct Leaks

Your ducts carry air inside your home; it’s critical to the performance of your unit since it ensures that your AC gives the desired outcome. A duct leak lowers your unit’s capacity to circulate air and meet your thermostat’s requirements.

If your AC takes too long to cool your home, it will have to work harder and longer. This, in turn, increases your electricity bills. Proper ventilation is essential for a healthy and effective system. To resolve this issue, we recommend installing a duct seal.

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The Unit Is Getting Old

Like any other equipment, your air conditioner will gradually lose efficiency as it ages. Due to this, the machine must work harder and longer to attain the same objectives, resulting in increased energy usage. It would help if you considered replacing your air conditioner with the help of trusty HVAC services on your side.

We’ll help you get Energy-Star-approved models that offer considerable savings on your utility bills, give you a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, and increase your property value.

Wrong-Sized AC

A small AC will have to work overtime to keep your home cool. On the other hand, a large piece of equipment will be inefficient. In both circumstances, the device will consume more energy than is necessary, resulting in a considerable increase in your utility bill.

Reach out for our HVAC services, and we’ll help you determine the proper size AC for your house. We’ll assist in determining your home’s square footage and other aspects to provide an informed suggestion.

Whatever the cause of your high energy bills, rest assured you can count on Statewide Heating, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration LLC’sair conditioning services in Oklahoma City. We also perform residential and commercial air conditioningservices, ice machine repairs, heating services, and more.

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