An HVAC Care List for Pet Owners


Who doesn’t adore pets? They’re always there for us, whether it’s just to ‘listen’ to us vent about our hectic day or to go for a run with us. However, pet ownership also means dealing with dander and pet hair. When considering how to keep your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in good operating condition, it’s important to factor in your pets.

Pets may significantly impact your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, but few people are aware of this. As with taking care of your pet, including grooming and washing, keeping your HVAC system in good working order is essential.

With years of expertise in HVAC services in Cleveland, we’ve compiled a few maintenance tips that will help your HVAC operate in good condition if you have a furry companion or two.

§ Make Sure to Check and Replace Your AC’s Filters Frequently

Pet dander consists of microscopic flakes of dead skin that are shed from your pet and float through the air. Pollen and other allergens that are floating in the air are trapped in the ventilation systems.  Over time, the accumulated dander will prevent enough air from passing through the AC for it to function properly.

Nonetheless, you will still receive a hefty bill even when the air conditioner is not producing any cooling effects. Therefore, it is recommended to check the filters often and replace them if necessary.

§ Give Your Pets a Regular Grooming

Grooming your pet regularly will decrease their shedding, saving you time and wear and tear on your air conditioning filters. Aside from quickly covering your filters with hair, pet hair may also get into your air ducts and cause them to become clogged.

§ Maintenance and Upgrades of HVAC Filters

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) filters come in a wide variety, much like dog and cat breeds. A higher MERV-rated HVAC filter is preferable if you have pets in the house. To put it another way, this will result in a more effective process. Even though a MERV 2 rating is typical for homes, pets make a difference. For the healthiest performance in a household with pets, look for a MERV 8 rating or above.

We have three generations of experience providing HVAC services in Norman. Feel free to contact us whenever you need guidance in selecting a new HVAC system.

§ Ensure There Aren’t Any Exposed Wires

Every pet owner knows how much their pet enjoys playing with and chewing on a toy. Your pet may find the exposed cables of your HVAC system, which can never be a good sign. No matter how well trained they may be, there can never be too much caution while dealing with house pets.

Furthermore, a broken HVAC system is a result of damaged wiring. Keep your pets safe and ensure that your air conditioning continues to function correctly by routing the cables through conduits.

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As a pet owner, you should ensure that the HVAC system in your house is functioning properly for their safety and yours. And we’re here to assist you!

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