Tips to Naturally Cool Your Home


When the temperature rises, not only is it more uncomfortable to work, but we also become less productive and find it harder to get to sleep because of the heat. To make matters worse, hotter temperatures present a serious inconvenience to anyone who has to endure them inside a home, which heats up considerably more quickly than open areas and has much poorer air circulation.

Keeping your house cool doesn’t have to be difficult or harmful to the environment, as long as you follow these simple tips:

§ Keep The Blinds Or Curtains Closed During The Daylight Hours

You might be confused about how closing the curtains will help cool down the house. Having the blinds or curtains open allows the sunlight to enter the space. So, keep the blinds or curtains shut during the day to keep the sun out.

However, wind and airflow from nature work amazingly well to beat the heat. One solution is to close the blinds or curtains throughout the day on the north and west-facing windows. The rest can be kept open to let in the breeze.

§ Switch Off Any Unnecessary Lights  

This may not seem like a particularly effective strategy, but it actually works. All electronic devices, including light bulbs, emit heat. Keeping the house at a suitable temperature might be difficult when these lights are on all day long. So, turn off the lights after you’re done using a room and take advantage of the natural light for as long as possible.

§ Put Up Awnings And Outdoor Window Coverings

This is another method of shielding your home from the sun’s heat and rays. To block the sun’s rays and keep your home at a comfortable temperature without using air conditioning, installing outside blinds or awnings is a terrific idea.

§ Plant Some Vines

To create the same impression as an awning, plant climbing vines outside the home. Ivy and other fast-growing vines create pleasant shade. These plants function by obstructing the sun’s rays—which would otherwise warm the outer walls—thereby lowering the temperature.

§ Put your Exhaust Fans to Use

Using the exhaust fan in your kitchen is a simple technique to reduce the heat inside your house and hence your energy costs. The same logic applies to your bathroom exhaust fan; turn that on too!

§ Bonus Tip: Get Your Appliances Checked Out!

September is over, but we all know that Oklahoma hasn’t seen the last hot days of the year just yet. You could find that your fridge is warmer than usual or that your stove is warming an unexpected part of the kitchen as you go about your daily routine.

There may be more at play here than meets the eye, and a closer examination may be required to resolve the problem once and for all rather than putting it off till tomorrow. Call a refrigeration service in Del City if your fridge is acting up.

A fridge needing a refrigeration service in Midwest City.

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