Reasons For AC Compressor Failure


The worst possible time to discover that your air conditioner is broken is on a sweltering day. The cost of fixing an air conditioner may not be too high in some instances, but it may add up quickly if the problem is a faulty compressor. The good news is that most issues are avoidable if caught in time.

We’ve developed this comprehensive list to aid in early detection and avoiding this problem in the future.

· Dirty Condenser Coil

Since the AC’s condenser coil collects dust and filth over time, the air conditioner has to work harder to achieve the desired temperature. As a result of the elevated operating conditions, compressors might overheat and stop working.

· Clogged Refrigerant Lines

The first sign is lower cooling efficiency when the refrigerant lines in your AC become clogged or damaged. Repeatedly, if the source of the problem isn’t addressed, the AC compressor will overheat and fail due to the elevated internal temperature and pressure.

· Low or Leaking Refrigerant

If there are holes or other damage to your air conditioner’s refrigerant lines, the refrigerant will seep out. When the level drops too low, the compressor must work harder to circulate enough refrigerant through the system to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Eventually, if not fixed, the compressor may stop working.

· Improperly Sized Refrigerant Lines

Get a qualified air conditioning service in Norman to replace your refrigerant line if it ever springs a leak. A malfunctioning air conditioner compressor can be traced back to a line that is either too broad or too narrow for the system.

· Inadequate Levels of Refrigerant

Having someone who isn’t trained in AC maintenance inject too much refrigerant, or the wrong kind of refrigerant, may be bad for the compressor. We have three generations worth of experience in the field, so you can rely on our air conditioning services in Oklahoma City.

· Power Outages

Acid buildup, brought on by a power outage, may wreak havoc on the compressor and beyond. You should have the technician check for these acids if your compressor has stopped working. If they confirm it isn’t working, an electrical burnout has likely wreaked havoc on the entire system, and it’s not worth restoring.

However, if you have a professional technician check out your system, you can avoid having to replace your AC compressor because of a power outage caused by faulty electrical components. You can rely on our air conditioning services in Cleveland to prevent any further problems.

Compressors of air condition system.

If you detect a problem with your air conditioner, you should get it checked out by a professional. This is where Statewide Heating Air Conditioning & Refrigeration comes in!

Whether you need preventative maintenance before winter or emergency repair work afterward, we’re the people to call. If you ever have an emergency with your air conditioner, we’re here for you and can solve even the most complex HVAC problems.

We offer commercial and residential air conditioning in Oklahoma City and other areas. If you want repairing and maintenance for your ice machines in Del City or Norman, we can help with that too.

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