How To Keep Your Walk-In Freezer Clean


While a commercial kitchen or store’s regular cleaning routine often includes wiping down all surfaces, it may not always include the walk-in freezer. When we close the door on a job and put it out of sight, we tend to forget about it. Despite its frigid temperature, the walk-in refrigerator may be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and other organisms.

One possible explanation is that we don’t spend much time in the walk-ins and hence don’t witness much in the way of messes being made in those areas. But let’s be real, if we don’t regularly clean the walk-ins, they’ll soon become a disorganized mess.

According to a refrigeration service in Del City, here are some suggestions for maintaining a spotless, secure, operational walk-in freezer.

· Immediately Wipe Up Any Spills

Mold can begin to form in your freezer due to the high humidity caused by the spillage. Furthermore, cleaning up a liquid spill is more challenging as the water evaporates from it. The ice that forms when anything spills in the freezer presents a severe health and safety risk. As soon as you see a spill, wipe it up immediately. Also, ensure no leaks or spills in the freezer by checking beneath and behind the shelves daily.

· Get Rid Of Everything That’s Gone Bad or Is Close To Expiring

Keep an eye on when things are about to go bad, and throw them out before they expire. However, perishables should always be checked and removed promptly if spoilage is suspected. Food spoils produce bacteria that can infect other foods that come into contact with them. To avoid these germs on your food, cover it when not in use.

Moreover, leaving some breathing room around your food storage containers will allow for better air circulation and less condensation, which means less mold.

· Disinfect the Door Handle Every Day

As numerous people frequently touch the handle, it is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens that can spread readily among workers. It’s recommended to disinfect the door handle once a day.

· Maintain a Temperature Record

Install an accurate refrigerator thermostat in your walk-in freezer and track the readings daily. To monitor the freezer’s efficacy, it is important to take temperatures at the same time every day. Get the freezer serviced immediately if the temperature readings show it is having trouble keeping food cold. You can contact us for reliable refrigeration service in Midwest City.

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