How to Make a Commercial Refrigeration Unit Quieter


Is your commercial refrigeration system making loud noises? You’re not the only one dealing with a loud machine. Refrigerators make noise when there’s an internal problem. It’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible because the loud noise can cause inconvenience for your customers and employees. Here are some ways to fix the problem.

Find the Source

Before you work on making your refrigerator quieter, it’s essential to know where it comes from. If the noise comes from the inside of your refrigerator, it could be because of a malfunctioning evaporator fan. If the noise comes from the back, it could be because of a faulty compressor, condenser fan or defrost timer. Once you know which part is faulty, you can get it fixed to avoid loud noise.

If you can’t identify the noise source, don’t worry! Our technicians will find the cause and fix it.

Clean the Condenser Fan

If your refrigerator has a condenser fan, you can try cleaning it to make the unit quieter. It’s located at the back of the fridge behind an access panel. Make sure the system is unplugged before doing anything. After finding the fan, you can use a soft brush to clean the accumulated dirt obstructing the motor.

Check and Secure Drain Pan

Sometimes there’s no major issue with your refrigerator, and the sound comes from a loose drain pan. It causes the system to make loud sounds from the bottom, which can be solved by securing the pan back in place.

Inspect the Evaporator Fan

There’s another fan inside your refrigerator, known as an evaporator fan. It circulates air throughout the fridge and freezer and maintains temperature. You can inspect it by pushing the light switch in the freezer. If the noise gets louder, it could be because of the evaporator fan. You can inspect this fan from the back of the freezer section. Again, make sure the system is unplugged. After locating the fan, check for signs of wear and tear and spin its blade manually to see if it’s moving smoothly. If it isn’t moving properly even after cleaning the dirt, that could be because of corrosion or other damage. It’s important to get it repaired or replaced by professionals.

Check the Compressor

A compressor is usually the main reason behind noisy refrigerators. It’s the noisiest part of any system and the main culprit of weird and loud sounds. To see if the compressor is causing the noise, unplug the condenser fan’s motor, and plug the refrigerator back in. If the noise continues, it’s because of the compressor. To fix this, you’ll need the help of a professional.

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If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get rid of the noise, let us help you. At Statewide Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration LLC, we offer a wide range of commercial and residential refrigeration and ice machine services in Oklahoma City. Reach out to us to get started.

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