4 Things You Should Do With Your HVAC System When You Move Into A New House


Moving into a new house you just bought is an exhilarating feeling. You’ve been waiting for this for a while. Before you settle in and start setting up, there’s one thing you need to check on: the HVAC system. It needs to be in excellent condition.

With so many boxes to move, things to manage, and furniture to set up, don’t forget to make the HVAC unit a priority. We’ve created a new-house HVAC checklist for your convenience, consisting of the things you must do to ensure that you stay cool in your new place.

Clean or Replace The Air Filter

Like any good HVAC service or technician will tell you, replacing your air filter is key! Air filters gather pollen, pet hair, and dust, which reduces the efficiency of your HVAC system. This reduces the machine’s efficiency and increases the likelihood that it will break down earlier than it would normally. Make it a bi-weekly habit to clean your air filters if you live in a dusty area or replace it annually.

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Make Sure To Keep All The Vents Open

Contrary to popular belief, blocking your HVAC system’s air vents decreases its efficiency. The remaining components of the appliance (such as the fans) continue to operate at full capacity even when it’s closed.

Closing the vents causes the pressure inside the appliance to rise, which damages the air conditioning unit. Additionally, it may cause harm to the air ducts. This leads to air leaking in your home. Ensure that you check the vents as shortly as you move in.

Set The Temperature Just Right

The ideal temperature in your old place might not work for your new home. The temperature can be set by checking out how the airflow works in your new home, what rooms get cooler easily, and what your family suggests it should be. Set this in the first few days to prevent unexpected costs because changing the temperature up and down frequently puts unwarranted pressure on the system (and your pocket).

The comfort level you feel in each room is a great indicator of how your HVAC unit is performing. The air conditioning and heating systems work seamlessly when there are no drafts and leaks. The house’s HVAC system might malfunction if some rooms are overly hot or poorly ventilated.

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