How To Protect Your AC Unit Before Storm Season


It’s never easy to get ready for a hurricane. Even if you think you’re prepared for the worst, bad things always seem to happen. Making sure you do everything you can to protect yourself and your house before the storm season hits is a crucial task.

Taking care of your air conditioning system before and after the storm season has passed needs to be your top priority. Protect your AC unit with the help of the professionals at Statewide Heating Air Conditioning & Refrigeration LLC. Here’s how:

Turn Your AC Unit Off

The likelihood of the lights going on and off repeatedly or going out completely during a storm is high. The AC unit can be harmed by these power surges, resulting in dangerous situations like electrical fires. Forcing your device to restart after it abruptly shuts down can seriously harm your system. To shut off your system, go to the circuit breaker unit and turn the HVAC system off.

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Window Units Should Be Unplugged and Removed

It is essential to disconnect your window air conditioning unit from the wall as well as to secure your window. Wind gusts and inclement weather can tear these systems from your house. Leaving the AC unit connected will harm not only your HVAC system but also your house.

Get Your Backup Generator Ready

Your power may go out during a storm and continue to be out for several days or even weeks afterward. Do you know what comes in handy during such times? A backup generator. It will keep your house cool and let you use other appliances, giving your AC unit time to recover after a storm.

Cover Your Unit

Flying debris may become trapped inside your unit due to strong winds. These impediments may even disrupt airflow and lead to motor burnout. This debris won’t harm your air conditioner if you cover the unit with a tarp. Cover and lock up outdoor air conditioners. Another thing that’s helpful is securing your base unit. Call up HVAC services and let them handle this situation.

Gather Loose Debris

Before a storm, bring together a group of family members and friends and walk around outside your house to safely pick up any objects that could be thrown around by strong winds. Remove everything that might hurt your AC unit, like big leaves, rocks, and tree branches.

Despite all efforts, damage to HVAC systems sometimes cannot be prevented. You might need to contact an expert if you’ve discovered that your air conditioner is compromised. That’s where Statewide Heating Air Conditioning & Refrigeration LLC comes in!

We’re the team for you whether you need assistance keeping your AC system maintained before the storm season hits or need your AC repaired after one. We are available around the clock for any urgent AC needs and can handle even the most difficult HVAC issues.

We also offer residential and commercial air conditioning services, ice machine repairs, refrigeration services, and several other services.

Contact us to get your free consultation!

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